How to migrate data with Excel for your online voting

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When a voting event is coming up, we need to have an updated list of those people who are going to participate, and while Excel is one of the most used tools to organize data, sometimes migrating data with Excel can become a nightmare if we don't do it right. 

Here are some tips that will allow you to save time and do your work more efficiently. 

Tips for migrating data with Excel 

Knowing new tricks in Excel can make life a little more enjoyable. Although many people are familiar with the basic operations of this tool, here are some tips so that you can migrate data with Excel and none of your voters are left out:

  • Always organize and update the data. Make sure you determine the type of data you have, so it is easier to organize it properly in rows or columns.  
  • Correct the errors you find. For this you can activate or deactivate error checking rules. Always check if the data is correct in order to avoid errors in calculations or data processing. 
  • Remember to update the voting proxies or weights of your voters. This way, the results will be automatically calculated taking this information into account.
  • Choose an online voting tool that allows you to store and manage your census. Import the data and make sure that, once migrated, the data has been transferred correctly. 

In Kuorum we give you the option of managing and migrating your census. This way, you will save time and work in your online voting process. If you want to know how we can help you migrate data with Excel for your voting event, please contact us at

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