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Create a citizen engagement website for your city council. Launch votes, debates, participatory budgets, petitions or events with input.

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How does it work?

Participatory budgeting

  • Launch participatory budgets that comply with your regulations.
  • Choose the phases: receipt of proposals, support phase, technical evaluation, voting and publication of results.
  • Identify your citizens by cross-referencing data with the registry.
  • Download the results in Excel or PDF.

Participation Census Manager

  • Allow your citizens to register with an email address
  • Afterwards, you will be able to choose for which processes the identification is necessary by cross-referencing data with the municipal registry.
  • Upload a pre-existing census - for example, with association contacts.
  • Segment your audiences and create intelligent filters.

Email blasts

  • Send mass mailings to your users to invite them to participate or keep them informed about the return of your processes.
  • Use the census manager's smart filters to target only people interested in each topic - for example, those who participated in a certain survey.

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