Terms and conditions of purchase

General terms and conditions

KUORUM SOCIAL S.L. (hereinafter "the Provider") offers its clients software as a service that allows them to launch customized online voting and participation platforms (hereinafter "the Service").

By signing up for this Service you agree to our Privacy Policy. Once you have completed your payment information, you will have created a new participation platform. Before starting to operate with it, you agree to review the privacy policy and terms of use of the new platform, completing from your configuration panel your data, those of your organization and those of the corresponding data protection file. If you do not comply with the legal requirements in your country to collect and process personal data from third parties, then you should not subscribe to this service. If you have already subscribed, then you should unsubscribe immediately.

You may cancel your subscription at any time by informing the Provider's customer service by e-mail.


The Service's participation platforms are customizable in logo, colors and image. They have a powerful contact manager that simplifies the task of facilitating participation, a mass emailing engine that streamlines customer communication and user profiles for citizens and organizations. In addition, platform users can open (or participate in) online participatory processes with different levels of interaction: Publications, Petitions, Surveys, Debates, Events and Participatory Budgeting. The client chooses at any time the level of participation it wants to allow users (the client can, for example, block the possibility of launching petitions).

Finally, there is the option of coordinating the platform's contact manager with the client's population census in order to authenticate profiles and authorize online voting. This option will only be possible if the client's census is digitized in an optimal way (web service or csv or xls files) and is not available for organizations.

Terms of payment

Payments will be made by debit card, credit card or PayPal. For your security no bank details will be stored in our web database. Please check the availability of other payment methods for annual customers (e.g. bank transfer). You will provide your bank information by phone or email and your service will be activated once the payment has been made.

Failure to pay the fee will result in the cancellation of your access to the Service, but not in the deletion of the Service. To remove your participation platform you must contact the Provider directly. Please also remember that even if you stop paying for the Service, the debt will continue to accrue until you formally request cancellation of your subscription.

If you decide to cancel your subscription we will cancel the direct debit immediately. The cancellation of the subscription will not result in the refund of the charges invoiced up to that moment.


Once your purchase is confirmed you will receive a confirmation email and your account will be automatically activated.

Privacy and Data Access Policy

All data collected in the Service belongs to the customer. The Supplier, as a technology provider, is not responsible for the data collected by the customer and is not responsible for the manner in which such data is processed.

Provider may internally view, copy or distribute content from its platform and account in order to provide the Service. The Supplier guarantees compliance with the requirements established by the personal data protection regulations, in relation to the personal data to which it may have access. Likewise, the Supplier undertakes to duly comply with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, 1999, on the Protection of Personal Data, especially as indicated in article 12, which regulates access to data on behalf of third parties.

Supplier's proprietary rights

The customer shall respect our proprietary rights in its website and in the software used to provide the Service (proprietary rights include patents, trademarks, trade secrets and copyrights). The customer may only use the Supplier's branding with our permission.

Customer's property rights

Customer warrants that it owns or has permission to use all material on its platform and in emails it launches with it. Customer has ownership of the materials it uploads to the Service. The Provider may use or disclose the customer's materials only on the terms described in the privacy policy of its platform.