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And our mission is to help people around the world make collective decisions that matter. Today, we are doing just that.

Our Mission

We make an average of 3 collective decisions per day. That's about 9 billion individual opinions a year worldwide. However, the vast majority of these voices are not taken into account because of distance, inconvenience or shyness.

We can use Whatsapp or Google Forms to make collective decisions without too much significance. But when something is really relevant to one of the parties involved, these solutions lack the necessary security and usability. That's why Kuorum's mission is to help people around the world make collective decisions that matter.

Our vision

Secure collective decision-making should be accessible to everyone. From Oracle's union elections to the assemblies of a small AMPA. At Kuorum we have rates adapted to every pocket without sacrificing security.

Our values

Secure online voting

Our impact

Kuorum contributes to building more participatory societies while caring for the health and accessibility of its voters. In addition, each telematic vote held with our technology saves greenhouse gas emissions.

For all these reasons, in 2020 the United Nations Global Compact awarded Kuorum's contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals with the goODS! recognition.

Meet our team

Matias Nso
Iñaki Domínguez
Chema Garcia
Sara Ruiz
Product development
David Sanchez
Product development
Pablo Verdú
Product development
Gonzalo Chumillas
Product development
Pedro Ramos
Product development
Bianca Tancu
Business development
Juan Felipe Santoya
Customer service
María José Marín
Customer service
Hach Moulud
Customer service
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Do you want to be part of our team?

It takes a geek or a nut to want to be part of a team that loves to solve complex problems and has fun doing it under pressure.

But geeks and nuts are definitely the best company in the office (or working from home). We help each other a lot, grow together and complement each other. If you're the piece we're missing, write to us at jobs@kuorum.org.

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Kuorum is committed to information security and quality

Audited annually by AENOR

Kuorum has made a firm commitment to the provision of high value-added services, focused on innovation and technological development.

In this line, its Management maintains a clear commitment to Quality of Service and Information Security, assuming the will to continuously improve the effectiveness of its integrated management system. Therefore, our Information Security Management System is audited annually by AENOR according to ISO/IEC 27001/2014, and our Integrated Quality Management System is audited annually by AENOR according to ISO 9001.

Information Security and Quality Policies

Kuorum assumes its commitment to information security and quality, committing to the proper management of them, in order to offer all its stakeholders the best guarantees and the highest degree of satisfaction. You can consult our Information Security Policy and our Quality Policy upon request to the following email: info@kuorum.org

Press and media

We love to be in the picture but we also have wonderful clients with amazing stories. Contact us if you would like more information or a press kit.

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