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Remember, remember, customers should not adapt to technology, it is technology that should adapt to customers. Every two weeks we launch new features to adapt to new casuistry, what's yours?

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Secure identification
Secret ballot
Weighted voting
Proxy voting
Quorum calculation
Real time result
Anti-coercion mechanisms
Voting rights
Types of questions
Management roles

With Kuorum you can choose the level of identification security you require from your voters. Depending on the type of event you are organizing, you may require two-factor or single-factor authentication. Or you may not want to identify your voters at all.

Kuorum complies with the European eIDAS Regulation and allows you to perform electronic identifications with high, substantial and low security levels depending on your needs.

The voting configuration in Kuorum is very versatile and also allows the option of secret ballot. To ensure the auditability of the process while respecting the anonymity of the voters, Kuorum applies state-of-the-art cryptographic algorithms.

Kuorum allows the management of weighted voting, very useful for shareholder meetings, neighborhood meetings, land cooperative assemblies and other voting events where each voter's vote has a different weight.

Kuorum allows the management of proxy voting with or without voting instructions. The proxy only needs to vote once and can distribute the votes of the different persons (or companies) among the different response options.

One of the most tense moments in any assembly or meeting is the quorum calculation. Our technology allows you to control access to the event either in person - by scanning the access card - or remotely - by tracking the entrance to the videoconference - to calculate the quorum automatically.

In real-time voting, it is possible to visualize the results at the same time as the voters are participating. This functionality is very useful for assemblies, shareholder meetings and other events where voting takes place in a few minutes or even seconds and agility is the most important thing.

Vote coercion is defined as the act of pressuring a voter with negative or positive incentives to vote for an option that does not necessarily have to be the one of his or her choice. Coerced voting is not a problem exclusive to online voting, but affects all types of voting, including in-person and postal voting. Each medium (face-to-face, postal and online) has very different mechanisms to prevent vote coercion. For example, in a face-to-face vote, a booth with a curtain is often used to allow voters to fill in their ballot and place it in an envelope without being observed.

Kuorum allows the voting administrator to activate anti-coercion mechanisms - such as the possibility of overwriting a vote as many times as necessary before the voting closes - which can be very effective, especially in election processes.

Kuorum allows you to manage dynamic voting rights. For example, when voting at shareholder meetings, shareholders who are not present in the physical or virtual room of the event before the appointed time will automatically lose their voting rights.

Kuorum is the most versatile tool on the market and allows you to create single choice, multiple choice, picture, point spread, vote weighting, proxy vote with and without voting instruction, free text, choice of date and conditional questions. Whatever collective decision you want to make, there is a question type for you.

Assign administrator, supervisor or auditor roles to your team. Each user will be able to access restricted information and perform certain tasks specific to their role.

Kuorum is the most usable tool on the market and continues to evolve with feedback from our customers. Age is no barrier to voting with our technology. All our products are tested with diverse samples of users to adjust the experience to people with different digital skills, including people with functional diversity.

You can customize your votes with your logo and corporate color. Your voters will have a totally immersive experience. In addition, at Kuorum we are a rara avis in our sector because... We are passionate about design! We develop secure, usable and beautiful technology. So your brand image will be enhanced.

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At Kuorum we help people around the world make collective decisions that matter. Tell us your goals and we'll tell you how we can help.

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