Digitizing the Boards of Professional Soccer Clubs

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With more than 100 years of history, Real Murcia Club de Fútbol is the most important team in the region. It has played several seasons in the first division and has more than 33,000 shareholders, since 2018 when the social movement #SOSRealMurcia culminated in a change of the club's organizational structure.

In the context of the pandemic, and taking into account the geographical dispersion of its shareholders around the world, Real Murcia decided to take the plunge and go for a 100% telematic shareholders' meeting. Electronic voting at shareholders' meetings of sports clubs is legal. And its use is increasingly widespread in teams of all categories. However, voting procedures must be adapted to comply with the provisions of each club's statutes.

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Proxy voting management

In the case of Real Murcia, the regulations required that editing of the wording of the questions put to the vote be allowed until the last moment. Voting results also had to be presented in real time, as the outcome of some questions conditioned the wording of the following ones. All this was possible thanks to Kuorum's simple voting editor.

Once the call has been launched, it is time to collect the personal data of the shareholders entitled to vote, as well as the voting proxies. Kuorum supports its clients in the preparation of this digital census. This phase is particularly sensitive because data protection regulations must be complied with and protocols must be followed and technology must be applied to ensure the highest levels of cybersecurity. Kuorum complies with the National Security Scheme and undergoes frequent data protection audits so that voters can exercise their rights with absolute peace of mind.

"We decided to make the move to a 100% telematics board and needed robust technology."
Digitizing the Boards of Professional Soccer Clubs

Challenge-proof service

The biggest concern for customers implementing e-voting for the first time is often unwanted challenges. Kuorum uses a time stamp from a Trusted Service Provider of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, a requirement of the European eID Regulation to provide this type of service in the old continent. For each vote that is registered on our client's platform, an advanced electronic signature certificate is issued. And these certificates are kept encrypted for five years, in compliance with Law 6/2020, of November 11, regulating certain aspects of electronic trust services.

Electronic voting certificates are documents admissible in court as documentary evidence, and each shareholder receives his or her certificate in his or her e-mail to confirm that the vote has been correctly recorded. This avoids challenges to the means of voting and provides the shareholder with a convenient and secure voting experience.

The day of the telematic shareholders' meeting

As a Sociedad Anónima Deportiva forged from the activism of its fans, Real Murcia maintains a high commitment to the participation of its shareholders in the supervision of the board of directors, as well as in the making of crucial decisions for the club. Its shareholders know this and therefore expect the highest quality of service at an event of this nature. That is why the client chose to delegate to Kuorum both the moderation of the videoconference and the telephone assistance to the voter. So the Board of Directors could focus on what was really important, the content of the meeting and the orderly discussion with its shareholders.

In the future, Real Murcia intends to give its shareholders the flexibility to attend their meetings in person or online. Something very simple if you have the power of a robust and secure electronic voting solution.

At Kuorum we have been organizing comprehensive telematic shareholder meetings for years, from the drafting of the call to the presentation of results. If you want to take care of your shareholders' health while offering them an excellent, secure and transparent voting experience, contact us and we will advise your team without obligation.

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"On the day of the meeting, we delegated to Kuorum the moderation of the videoconference and the voting, which allowed us to fully focus on its content."

Álvaro Ruiz Moreno
Álvaro Ruiz Moreno
Director of Real Murcia C.F.
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Digitizing the Boards of Professional Soccer Clubs