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In May 2017, Andy Burnham was elected governor of the Greater Manchester region in northern England. Without missing a beat, the day after the election, Burnham launched an ambitious plan so that no person in the city would be homeless by 2020. The plan counted on involving the entire community - business owners, landlords, caregivers and the general public - in shaping public policy in this direction. But working collaboratively in a large city of nearly 3 million people can be a daunting task. That's why Burnham knew from the start that technology would play an important role in coordinating citizen proposals and ideas.

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With the help of Kuorum, Andy Burnham and the Greater Manchester Regional Government developed a strategy to engage citizens in the co-creation of the plan. Kuorum is a tool designed to help governments and businesses innovate through online participation. Its contact manager and mass emailing engine facilitates the work of community facilitators. And the functionalities for debates, surveys, events, petitions and participatory budgets allow citizens to collaborate in the drafting of public policies.

"We needed to involve citizens in the development of the plan."

In Manchester, the tool was used for a variety of purposes. Our consultants supported the Burnham team by training civil servants and non-profit sector organizations in the use of Kuorum and in techniques to encourage the participation of unorganized citizens. Thus helping the Greater Manchester Government to grow its participation census.

Andy Burnham not only took action to solve one of the city's biggest problems, he helped build a more cohesive and participatory city. Kuorum helps its clients - be they governments or businesses - put the spotlight on those issues that matter most to them and build a reputation around these issues. In the first 3 months of 2018, Greater Manchester Government was able to raise close to £100,000 for its cause. And Burnham is already a benchmark in the fight against social exclusion, not just in their region but across the UK.

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"The tool allowed us to very efficiently coordinate proposals and ideas from citizens."

Andy Burnham
Mayor of Greater Manchester

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