Online voting at Amnesty International assemblies

Sixty years of analog democracy

Amnesty International is a global human rights movement founded in 1981. Today, sixty years after its creation, we find it present in more than 150 countries and made up of millions of people who are willing to take action to prevent serious abuses of civil, political, social, cultural and economic rights.

In Spain, Amnesty International has more than 90,000 members and a network of more than 2,000 activists. As its governing body, the association relies on the general assembly held every year. This time, in order to comply with health restrictions without postponing the assembly, they were forced to find new ways to hold it. It was then that they contacted Kuorum.

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Digital assembly with maximum guarantees

The annual assembly is a very important event for large associations such as Amnesty International. They review the previous year's activity, render accounts, elect the people who will represent the governing bodies and discuss the actions to be undertaken in the coming year.

When contracting an electronic voting service, the association wanted to ensure that it had the maximum guarantees that everything would work optimally and that all its voters would have a good experience during the event. For this reason, the association opted for the premium service level, which offers maximum security - both for identification and information - and has telephone assistance to resolve any doubts or incidents for voters.

"We had voters of very diverse ages, and we didn't want anyone to miss out on voting."
Online voting at Amnesty International assemblies

Automatic vote counting

One of the advantages of electronic voting over in-person voting is that the vote count is instantaneous. Amnesty International was able to download a file with the final results that was generated within seconds of the close of voting. These minutes are automatically signed by the provider, so that the association can present them at any public registry office.

Once the assembly was over, Amnesty International evaluated the process. Voters were very satisfied with the simplicity and security of the technology. The incident rate was below 5% and all were resolved in real time through the telephone support service.

The advantages for the organization

In addition to reducing costs for the organization, Amnesty International's partners were able to vote from any device without having to travel and obtained a legally valid voting certificate. The security of the process was guaranteed.

Our clients have the maximum guarantees for decision making in their organizations. At Kuorum we take care of everything so that your events are a success and you can focus on what is really important. If you need support for the organization of an assembly or a telematic meeting , contact us and we will analyze your specific case to offer you the best solution.

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"Voters were very pleased with the simplicity and security of the technology."

Eva Suárez-Llanos
Eva Suárez-Llanos
Deputy Director Amnesty International
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Online voting at Amnesty International assemblies