Union elections at Red Eléctrica

Introduction to the case

Red Eléctrica Española is the first and only electricity distributor in Spain. Founded in 1985, it has expanded to become a business group listed on the IBEX35 that operates internationally and has more than 2,000 employees.

A company of this nature pays special attention to its union elections. But the pandemic situation prevented the company from holding these elections with full guarantees. They even considered postponing them on several occasions.

Our client

The challenge of security

Red Eléctrica took advantage of the pandemic situation to modernize its electoral process and move towards digitalization. But not all suppliers have the necessary security certifications to work with a company with Red Eléctrica's standards. For this reason they contacted Kuorum.

Union elections are always a fundamental process to guarantee the rights of workers, for this reason, at Kuorum we implement systems that allow the right to vote in a personal, free, secret and direct way, in accordance with the Law of Union Elections.

"We needed a tool that our employees could use from home."
Union elections at Red Eléctrica

A simple and hassle-free process

The online voting process is simple. Employees only needed a cell phone and a device with an internet connection to exercise their right to vote. In addition, Kuorum provides voters with a telephone support service for resolving incidents. In this case, the incident rate was less than 0.5% and all were resolved instantly.

Red Eléctrica continues to enjoy the service and will be able to use it in other voting events. Union elections are one of the processes in which we specialize in Kuorum. If you want to take care of your employees' health while offering them a comfortable, secure and transparent voting experience, contact us and we will advise your team without obligation.

The advantages for the company

In addition to the cost reduction for the company, Red Eléctrica employees were able to vote without leaving their work center and spending less than 1 minute of their working day. The Electoral Table and the HR Department obtained a record of the results that could be taken to the Public Registry Office.

Increased safety
Legal validity
Telephone support
From any device

"We even considered postponing the elections, and after learning about Kuorum we realized that we could hold them even more comfortably."

Lucía Escobar
Lucía Escobar
Labor Relations Functional Manager
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Union elections at Red Eléctrica