The Regional Government of Extremadura launches the Participation Service

In 2013 the Regional Government of Extremadura passed the Autonomous Law of Open Government. But it was not until 2017 that competences in citizen participation were assigned to the General Secretariat of Public Administration. At that time, the until then called Citizen Attention Service was renamed Citizen Attention and Participation Service. And the Secretary General of Public Administration, Mr. Ignacio García Peredo, became responsible for the new service overnight.

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Creating a Citizen Participation Service from scratch for an autonomous community with more than one million inhabitants is a titanic task. So Ignacio wanted to rely on professionals to take the first steps. Kuorum is not only a powerful digital participation tool. Our team has been advising governments and companies in the management of participatory processes for years. And our consultants know that the most important thing at the beginning is to properly size the resources available. That is why we decided to launch a pilot project, a participatory process that would allow us to understand what skills needed to be developed in Ignacio's team.

"It was vitally important to find a powerful tool, for so many citizens."
The Regional Government of Extremadura launches the Participation Service

Thus was born the Tu Atención project, a participatory process to ask citizens how they wanted to be served by their administration. Training was provided for public servants involved in managing the process. An online debate was then launched using Kuorum technology. Our consultants, in addition to supporting Ignacio's team in the tasks of dissemination and moderation of the debate, developed a face-to-face workshop with citizens to deepen some of the proposals received through the tool. Finally, they organized an event open to the public in which the results of the process were presented and the commitments made by the administration were made visible. Technical aspects, such as the protection of personal data, the management of participants' expectations or the digital participation technology, were covered by Kuorum. This allowed Ignacio and his team to focus on the most value-added tasks.

As Secretary General of Public Administration, Ignacio had the authority to carry out these commitments, something essential in any participatory process. So the citizen proposals that were selected were incorporated into the bidding process for the Omnichannel Attention Project with which the Junta de Extremadura would modernize the Citizen Attention Service.

Once the process was completed, Kuorum prepared a report with recommendations for the Citizen Attention and Participation Service. These recommendations are still today the criteria by which all citizen participation processes of the Junta de Extremadura should be governed.

With Kuorum's help, Ignacio not only managed to start up the new Citizen Participation Service in a practical and enriching way for his team, but he was also able to demonstrate his commitment to citizen involvement in government affairs, acquiring commitments that were eventually carried out.

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"The best proposals became part of the project. It was a great success.

Ignacio García Peredo.
Ignacio García Peredo.
Secretary General of Digital Administration
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The Regional Government of Extremadura launches the Participation Service