Benefits of an online voting tool for union elections

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Being part of a trade union has its own rewards. As a voluntary organisation, it aims to achieve the welfare of workers in the sme company, giving them a voice to promote and protect their employment rights.

Therefore, the job of unions is to negotiate with the organization to achieve that welfare. In this sense, an online voting tool comes into play to offer workers a more efficient and convenient means of voting for the union that represents them.

Why use an online voting tool for union elections?

By using this online voting technology, it is possible to increase the efficiency of the union election process, since through any electronic device, employees will be able to participate and elect the union they wish to represent.

In addition, the online voting platform will be configured with the candidacies running in the elections and, once the voting period is over, the votes will be automatically counted.

Here are the advantages of an online voting tool for union elections

Main advantages of an online voting tool

Implementing an appropriate online voting tool for a union election is key to ensuring its success. The most significant advantages over more traditional voting methods are as follows:

  • Accessibility: employees can vote wherever they are, without having to physically travel, as only an electronic device and the Internet are needed.
  • Convenience: due to the practicality of the online voting tool and its ease of use, which offers all the information voters need to know before casting their vote.
  • Cost and time savings: both concepts are reduced, since online voting can reduce the costs associated with traditional voting methods, as well as the time spent by the organizers in counting the results.
  • Increased participation and engagement: employee participation is enhanced by the accessibility and convenience that an online voting tool offers.
  • Safety: this factor is very important in these types of processes. On the one hand ,  cryptography is used to guarantee the secrecy of the vote. On the other hand, as the counting is automatic, we avoid the possibility of manual errors in the counting. So it is a transparent tool that allows employees to trust both the integrity of the online voting tool and the reliability of the results.
  • Immediate results: the process of collecting and counting electronic votes is done automatically

Which of these advantages is most important to you? If you think they are all fundamental, an online voting tool is the perfect way for your organization's union elections. From Kuorum, we invite you to get in touch with us. contact us to give you more details about our technology.

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